A Virtual Robotics and
Coding Competition

A global competition platform for all students
who are robotics and coding enthusiasts.
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What is Riders?

In Riders you can build and code all different types of robots with unique algorithms, and place your robot in different simulation environments.

Once in a simulation environment called the “Riders Arena," users compete and have their robots face off against one another in fun, unique and challenging competitions to try and win valuable prizes.
Educational competitions are one of the best ways to improve engineering, robotics, and coding skills.
Here’s why:


In Riders users can compete in individual and group competitions. Users are also able to view one another’s code bases and competition submissions and continuously improve them.


Coding is a skill that grows over time. Users of Riders advance their coding skills by improving their robot and code base upon each submission they make in the Riders Arena.


Anyone from around the world can participate in Riders without worrying about expensive logistics such as travel or location. This makes it easier than ever to get involved.

Here is How It Works?

Join a Competition!

See which competitions are accepting entries and select the one you would like to participate in.

Work on Your Robot!

Code, test, enhance and perfect your robot in our real-time Riders arena simulator, prior to submitting it to the competition.

See Where You Rank and Win Prizes!

After submitting check the leaderboard to see where your robot ranks amongst the rest of the contestants and potentially win awesome prizes.