Miami Hack Week Hack @ High School

240 Participants
240 Teams
65 Submissions

Riders and Miami EdTech are organizing an online robotics and coding competition for Miami Hack Week geared towards high school students. Students in high school will compete against each other in a line follower race that will judge the students' algorithms based on speed and efficiency with the chance to be crowed "Miami Hack Week “Hack @ High School Riders Champion". The “Line Follower Race” has a challenging obstacle course with marked lines and is surrounded by walls. Your job is to code your robot's algorithm to get it across the finish line in the fastest most efficient manner possible. The robot you will be programming has both image processing and distance sensors to help it navigate. Utilizing these sensors will be critical in allowing you to program the best algorithm possible and score highest on the leaderboard. Competitors will have from Sunday January 23rd at 6pm through Friday January 28th at 12pm to work on their robot's algorithm and your highest score will be counted in final results across the entire leaderboard. Each time you submit your codebase successfully you will receive a score and the goal is to score the highest amongst all the competitors in order to win the competition.
Competition - Start

23:00 (UTC)

Competition - End

17:00 (UTC)