•Riders Arena Online Robot Competition is organized by Acrome Robotik Mekatronik Sistemleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“Acrome”) (hereinafter referred to as “ACROME”) and the Final Competition will be held online at https://riders.ai/ on December 10-13, 2020, through giving 36 hours for each competitor.

•Scores shall be determined according to the scoring algorithm as a result of the evaluation of the codes of all competitors. With their application to the competition, competitors accept the scoring algorithm, the procedures and principles determined by ACROME.

•The results and the winning competitors shall be announced on https://www.arena.riders.ai/ and posted on social media accounts only before 31st of December, 2020. Participants ranking the highest in three different categories and taken part in the closing event held on 13th of December are obliged to provide their contact and full address information to the Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition Organization Committee in addition to the information they provide to the Riders Platform during registration. Specifically, from-14-to-18-years-old-participants ranking the highest must submit Privacy / Personal Data Processing Consent signed by parental or legal guardian to the Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition Organization Committee. ACROME is not responsible for the inability to look finalists and winning competitors up or similar problems due to the fact that the participants ranking the highest do not submit necessary permissions and information until 13th of December, 2020, or the misrepresentation of the competitors. As a result of the examination by our team, competitors determined to be under the age of 14 or not meeting other conditions are disqualified even if they are the participants ranking the highest. Other competitors participating in the competition are ranked according to their scores and replace those who are disqualified. Any competitor who is older than age of 18 will be disqualificated from beginner competitors.

•Among all the slogans, projects and video contents presented in the competition, only the ones deemed appropriate by ACROME and its subsidiaries can be published, shared and used in the same or modified form in places, platforms or ways as deemed appropriate. Competitors are deemed to have accepted and declared this condition in advance.

•Competitor, acknowledges and undertakes that posted contents are original and belongs to them. Competitor shall not transmit any content or text which breaches a person’s or an institution’s right to privacy, personal rights, copyrights or intellectual property rights anyone but themselves. If the contents posted by competitors causes breaches which creates legal liability, person/persons who posts/transmits above-mentioned content, acknowledges beforehand that they shall be exclusively held liable while ACROME shall not be held liable in any circumstances. Even they won a prize, if a competitor attends with copyrighted content, they shall be deemed as disqualified and shall not obtain the prize. In the instance of obtaining the prize, it shall be sent back by them.

•ACROME and afilliated companies or affiliates have right to disclose, use, produce from and release appropriate videos or content which were sent by competitors or about prize winning projects, from the moment of uploading at anytime, anywhere, any channel, in anyway such as advertisement or publicity. Competitors acknowledge and undertake that they renounce and assign their rights to trademark, royalty, privacy, intellectual property, and any other tangible rights arising from their ideas and videos to ACROME and affiliated companies or affiliates without time limitation. Also, they acknowledge and undertake that they shall not claim any rights, nor they resist the ideas and videos to copied, altered or processed by third parties.

•ACROME and affiliated companies or affiliates shall not be held liable for any kind of issues which effects competition conduct and competitor’s performance. Without any limitation these issues can be listed as; hardware or software issues, computer failure and also any kind of error, restriction, distorted, impaired or erroneous data reference caused by  phone, cable, satellite, transportation network, wireless or internet connectivity due to internet service provider and also e-mail and SMS errors such as lost, late or reserved e-mails, and also access trouble  to the web site or internet, including any kind of damage such as impaired, disappeared or inaccessible campaign e-mail, caused by virtual or material trouble, such as distortion, hacking, burglary, virus, bug related attacks.

•ACROME shall not be held liable for printing and typographical errors that may occur in the terms and conditions or any incompleteness or inaccuracies that may occur in the competition’s website. In any circumstances, ACROME shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the participants during the use of their own computer or others' computers or from the use of the website.

•Everyone participating in the competition shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted all the competition terms. ACROME has the right to change all conditions of the competition; in particular, participation, phases of the competition, content, format, date and location information. ACROME and its affiliated companies or affiliates have the right to stop or terminate the competition or change the duration of it without stating any reason. All rights of the website and its content are exclusively reserved by ACROME and its affiliated companies or affiliates.

•All the data processing activities to be conducted before, during or after the competition are conducted by ACROME in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 (LPPD) for Turkey. Within this scope, since your limited personal data will be transferred abroad, your explicit consent is also required in accordance with the LPPD.

•On the other side, personal data processing activities in the event of personal data of data subjects who are in the European Union (Union) being processed by a controller or processor not established in the Union within the scope of offering of goods or services regardless of whether a payment of the data subject is required, are conducted accordingly to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

•Please open and read carefully the "Privacy Statement" that indicates under what conditions your personal data can be processed and to whom it can be transferred. This text is also a “Information Text” within the scope of LPPD.

•Please read the Explicit Consent Text regarding the transfer of your personal data abroad and give your consent if you accept the conditions.

•In order to conduct promotional and marketing campaigns regarding ACROME’s products and services, we would like to send commercial electronic messages such as advertising, announcement, marketing, promotions, campaigns and similar commercial electronic messages to your contact information that you have given us. For this reason, the “Consent Text on Commercial Electronic Message” has been prepared, please read it carefully and give your consent if you accept it.

I have read and understood the “Privacy Statement”, on the https://www.riders.ai/about that indicates under what conditions my personal data can be processed and to whom it can be transferred.

I have read, understood and accept the Explicit Consent Text on https://www.riders.ai/about  regarding the processing and transfer of my personal data as regulated in the Privacy Statement.