Riders is an educational platform built for a very different future. A future that is digital-first. A future in which we recognize play as the most powerful learning tool. A future where the most effective STEM education is accessible to every student. A future in which students are equipped to understand robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the key technologies of the 21st century.

With its coding editor and advanced simulation environments, no blackboard and classroom has ever been so engaging and productive in teaching technical, hard-to-master STEM skills! Riders is the most fun and productive meeting point for students, trainers and educational institutions alike.

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Many leading institutions from Turkey and the world prefer Riders
Learn with Riders, improve your skills, advance your career!

Progress from easy to challenging

Riders lets you enter the amazing world of robotics and learn fast. Educational content supports player progress, taking you from the easiest levels to becoming a robot master.

Work on real life scenarios

Riders is the most realistic simulationof real-life robotics in education. With Riders you test the most expensive,advanced robots in all kinds of simulation environments, solve real-lifeproblems, improve your knowledge and robotics skills.

Learn science fundamentals

Riders gives you the chance to apply the theories of fundamental science in fun simulation environments. Riders roboticsapplications make it easy to learn topics like maths and physics.

Explore advanced technologies

With Riders you can develop and test your skills step by step, from beginner through to expert using the advanced technologies on the Riders platform. Get the opportunity to work with technologies like artificial intelligence, image processing and machine learning.


As you plan your career path, wouldn’t you want to learn and apply the technologies of the future? Riders introduces you to dozens of simulation projects, fun educational content, and a world of exciting competitions!


Thanks to Riders’ interactive training, you see the code you wrote and the simulation output, on the same screen, at the same time. Using courses prepared by expert trainers, you can teach yourself in the technologies of the 21st century.


Challenge the world in Riders Robotics League competitions, as well as participating in exciting competitions organized by prestigious international institutions and hosted by Riders.


With Riders you can develop robotics and artificial intelligence projects either individually or with your teammates. Simply join Riders with your team to be able to share your projects with your friends!


With Riders it’s easy to help students understand today's technologies! Start using Riders in your school, directly integrate its curriculum-compatible modules into your own classes and easily track every step of your students' progress!
  • Let your school’s progressive approach and student achievements stand out
  • Use the most advanced educational content and methods to teach the technologies of the 21st century
  • Use Riders expert-prepared training content, with no need for extra staff
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For students who want to advance themselves, Riders is a fun gateway to future technologies and future opportunity.
  • Improve your skills with interactive training created by Riders robotics engineers and given by expert trainers!
  • Enjoy the thrill of competitions with Riders and show-off your skills!
  • Riders lets you develop sophisticated projects, either individually or with teammates!


Prepare for the thrill of competition with Riders Robotics League!

Take a closer look…

Join live training sessions as part of the Rider Robotics League. Improve your skills. Improve your competition results!


Leading educational institutions prefer Riders.
rye country day school logo
Mardin Midyat Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi
woodward academy
Southern illinois
cs for all
Officine Robotiche

Success Storıes Wıth Rıders

katie sandling teacher picture

Riders allowed us to not only keep up our Robotics program in the pandemic but to enhance our program. We are excited to integrate it into our robotics curriculum even after we return to in-person VEX competitions.

Katie Sandling,
Robotics Instructor
Rye Country Day School
See Morerye country day school logo

Riders helped engaging all students in the classroom by letting them work on their coding skills and develop their algorithms while following the result of their activities in the simulation.

Claudio Capobianco,
Computer Science Instructor
IIS Marconi Civitavecchia
See Moremarconi school logo
student picture testimonial

Riders have been such a huge help organizing this competition, just like they are doing amazing stuff on their platform for everyone. The platform is flawless and amazing, it lets us see very exciting races in the end.  

Katherine Hardgrave,
Business & Operations Officer
Formula Trinity
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