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IIS Marconi Civitavecchia


IIS Marconi Civitavecchia used the Introduction to Robotics course as an extra-curricular activity for their classes.



IIS Marconi Civitavecchia benefited from the course content together with Riders platform and final competitions to enhance learning experience.



Marconi Schools have organized online classes that more than 65 students have participated in both the lessons and exciting final competitions in the end of the courses.

IIS Marconi Civitavecchia have met Riders thanks to their robotics education partner, Officine Robotiche, after the online event Maker Faire Rome.

Marconi Schools started using Riders to provide quality robotics education to their students with a 15-week program. The program has finished with a final competition with participation of all the students in order to increase the engagement of all students in a competitive final challenge.
"Riders helped engaging all students in the classroom by letting them work on their coding skills and develop their algorithms while following the result of their activities in the simulation."
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Claudio Capobianco, Computer Science Teacher
IIS Marconi Civitavecchia

Experience: IIS Marconi Civitavecchia

IIS Marconi Civitavecchia is one of the great schools that use Riders to enhance robotics education in their organization.

Thanks to Riders Introduction to Robotics Course, Marconi Schools are offering a high quality robotics education to their students without any extra needs, by only using Riders for all the class activities.

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