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Rye Country Day School used the Introduction to Robotics course in their Upper School Engineering and Robotics classes.



Rye Country Day School benefited from the course content together with Riders platform and in-school competitions to enhance learning experience.



Rye Country Day School used Riders in a class of 25, which also have participated in exciting final competitions in the end of the courses.

Rye Country Day School (RCDS) has been utilizing some different robotics and coding education products with their Upper School Engineering and Robotics class. While they had a robust hardware program, the school was eager to find programming learning tools that would enable students to improve themselves in the core fundamentals of coding.

RCDS was in pursuit of a virtual learning tool that would help students elevate their coding skills while familiarizing themselves with how the world of robotics and coding connect.
“Riders allowed us to not only keep up our Robotics program inthe pandemic but to enhance our program. We are excited to integrate it into our robotics curriculum even after we return to in-person VEX competitions.”
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Katie Sandling, Robotics Teacher
Rye Country Day School

Experience: Rye Country Day School

Rye Country Day School is one of the great schools that use Riders platform in order to provide the best robotics education to their students.

In this video, we welcome Katie Sandling, Physics Teacher and Robotics Club Coach at Rye Country Day School, talking about RCDS experience with Riders. Contact us to be one of our great partner schools and provide the best education to your students!

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