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Trinity College has organized a thrilling multi-agent formula race that brings two robots on the track together, Formula Trinity: AI Grand Prix in collaboration with Riders and F1Tenth.



Competitors raced on the F1Tenth simulation environment on Riders platform, and submit their codes in order to get their scores by racing against the other algorithms.



90 participants of 47 teams have competed in this exciting competition, while submitting more than 11.900 entries in 350 hours.

In the AI Grand Prix competition, teams worked on a given a baseline agent and designed their own autonomous racing algorithms to win the race. Each team had their racing solution go through a single-vehicle phase to determine their seeding in the Grand Prix bracket. Teams worked on their code and submitted on Riders platform in order to get their scores and take their places in the Grand Prix bracket, then raced against their opponents in each round.

Riders has supported the organization by providing its online competition environment, letting teams to only worry about their algorithm development. All teams need to do was to submit their code, and the rest was handled by Riders platform.
"The team at Riders were invaluable throughout every stage of organising our AI Grand-Prix competition. The platform worked perfectly and enabled us to stream exciting head to head races between our competitors. Everything went seamlessly on the day thanks to their help!"
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Katherine Hardgrave, Business & Operations
Co-founder at Formula Trinity

Experience: Trinity College Dublin
Formula Trinity

Trinity College has organized one of the most exciting competitions in Riders platform in collaboration with F1Tenth. Competitors of Formula Trinity: AI Grand Prix have joined Riders platform to submit their code and follow their places on the leaderboard, while racing against each other.

Riders allows robotics competitions take place online while eliminating the problems of a competition organization. Riders offers a flawless solution where the competitors only need to sign in to the platform and work on their codes without any issues.

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