As a member of theRiders Platform of Acrome Robotik Mekatronik Sistemleri Sanayi ve TicaretAnonim Şirketi (“Company”), your personal data is collected, processedand transferred by our Company as a data controller under the conditions below inaccordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection No.6698 ("Law").This text informs you on collection, processing and transfer of your personal data and your rights within the scope of the Law. 

1. Data Controller Our Companydetermines the purposes and means of processing your personal data by acting asthe "data controller" defined in Article 3/1- (ı) of the Law in theprocessing of your personal data.  Our Company isobliged to create and manage the database and to take administrative andtechnical measures regarding data security. Within this scope, our Company canhave your personal data processed to third parties that are defined as “dataprocessor” in Article 3/1- (ı) of the Law. 

2. Processed Personal Data  Your personal datain the categories of identity, communication, transaction security (Passwordand Username) and finance, details can be seen in ANNEX-1, and details of yourparticipation to any event including competitions, projects, education andproductions and services you purchase during the use of the platform areprocessed within the scope of the form you fill out for membership on RidersPlatform on https://api.riders.ai/accounts/signup/ andyour activities on this platform. 

3. Means and Purposes of Collection of Your Personal Data Your personal datais collected by our Company in writing and electronically by automatic meansthrough the form you fill out for membership in the Riders platform and thetransactions you perform through the Riders platform. 

4. Processing of Your Personal Data, Legal Basis and Purposes of Processing   Your personal datacollected by our Company are processed for the purposes of creating yourmembership on Riders Platform, recording your transactions on the platform,having necessary works done by relevant departments, purchasing items orservices on the website, carrying out relevant transactions and getting intouch with you on the matter in accordance with the principles envisaged in Article4 of the Law and under the conditions stipulated in Article 5/2-c-e. 

5. The Parties Your Personal Data Transferred to and Purposes for Transfer Your personal datacollected by our Company can be transferred to authorized public bodies, educationistpersons or institutions in the educational context, our business associateslocated abroad under the conditions and for the purposes envisaged in Articles8 and 9 of the Law and if necessary on your explicit consent. 

6. Your Legal Rights According toArticle 11 of the Law, you as a data subject have the right to;
-      learn whether your personal data areprocessed or not,
-      demand for information if your personaldata are processed,
-      learn the purpose of the processing ofyour personal data and whether personal data are used in compliance with thepurpose,
-      know the third parties to whom yourpersonal data is transferred in country or abroad,
-      request the rectification of theincomplete or inaccurate data, and request notification to be made about rectificationto third parties that personal data have been transferred to,
-      request the erasure or destruction of yourpersonal data (despite being processed under the provisions of Law on PersonalData Protection or other related laws, upon disappearance of reasons whichrequire process) within the scope of Article 7 of the Law and requestnotification to be made about this operation to third parties that personaldata have been transferred to,
-      object to the occurrence of a resultagainst you by analyzing the data processed solely through automated systems,
-      claim compensation for the damage arisingfrom the unlawful processing of your personal data. 

by applying to our Company. 
You can send yourapplications regarding these rights by using the means in the Comminuque on thePrinciples and Procedures for the Request to Data Controller. Your requestsshall be concluded within the shortest time and at the latest within thirtydays and free of charge. However, as an exception, if the action requires anextra cost, fees may be charged in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.