5 Useful Applications of Robotics

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11 Jan 2022
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Robots are high-tech products that detect an existing problem and solve these problems in line with the codes that have been loaded previously. With the developments in the field of robotics in recent years, besides standard coding robots, intelligent robots that can train themselves and manage to copy human movements and thoughts to a large extent thanks to their artificial neural networks have started to be used. There is no doubt that robots will take a more active role in human life in the very near future. Therefore, interest in robotic coding among young people is increasing day by day. Families should raise awareness on this issue from an early age in order to raise children willingly and to have a place in the future world.

There are many applications developed to provide this awareness. Robotics applications are useful not only for children but also for young people who have just started to have an interest in this field and do not yet have enough knowledge. Although these applications do not make it possible to develop a robot in the full sense, they are important in understanding the basic logic of robots and making a general introduction to the world of robots. Considering that robotics will increase its effect in the future, the number of such applications is likely to increase. While some applications of robotics may be insufficient, some are very useful and useful. We have compiled the 5 useful applications of robotics for robotics enthusiasts in this content.


Developed by MIT engineers and released for free since 2003, Scrath aims to help children between the ages of 5-16 understand the basic logic of robotic coding. This application, which has an extremely simple interface, is at a level that children can use it on their own. No coding knowledge is required to learn robotics with Scrath. Because this platform does not work with codes, but by dragging puzzles consisting of simple lines of code to the command area. A simple level cartoon is made by placing the legos. Scrath, which has an important place among applications of robotics, can be downloaded to a computer and used offline as well as online. It also has a mobile application that can be downloaded to phones.


Supported by Microsoft and Google and aiming for every child to learn coding, code.org provides free coding education with this mission. Offering separate sets for 4-11, 10-16 and 14-18 + age groups, this application is extremely advantageous for those who want to learn coding from easy to difficult. One of the biggest advantages of the Code.org application is that it has language options and supports Turkish language. This means that the application of robotics can be used beyond the geography where it was developed.

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Kodu Game Lab

Kod Game Lab application of robotics has a prestigious place among robotic applications. This application, developed and released by Microsoft, aims to provide design and game coding training to those who do not have coding knowledge. With this application of robotics, which can be downloaded and used free of charge on computers with Windows operating system, it is possible to develop games for PC and XBOX using a simple language. In addition, Kod Game Lab, which aims to gain skills such as creativity, problem solving and storytelling, is a very useful application of robotics for those who are just starting to coding.


Codeacademy offers "learning with games" models for those who want to learn robotic coding. This application of robotics, which has more than 24 million users around the world, provides simple to difficult training in coding languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and Python. Thanks to the fact that it provides coding training through games, it provides permanent learning opportunity especially for children. One of the most important features of Codeacademy application is that it is a platform that brings educators and students together. Instructors can give coding lessons on this platform. In this way, it becomes possible to receive coding training from professors around the world. Access to Codeacademy application of robotics is also extremely easy. Every user with a Google or Facebook account can easily register with the application. Teaching and taking courses on Codeacademy is completely free.


The Lightbot Code Hour application, which can be used on both Android and iOS devices, is among the applications of robotics that aim to offer coding skills to beginners, especially children. It is aimed to increase the coding skills of children with jigsaw and puzzle style games. Lightbot, in addition to the limited version available for free; It also has a paid version that offers more advanced features. It teaches the subject of functions, which is the most difficult part of coding, in its simplest form. This feature makes the application advantageous.

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