Riders Robotics League World Cup: Immersive Learning at the Pinnacle of Competition

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11 Jan 2022
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The Riders Robotics League World Cup unfolded from December 7-18, featuring 22 teams representing five diverse countries spanning Asia to Europe and from Turkey to the United States. The event was exciting, offering participants an enriching and adventurous learning experience.

The enthusiasm generated by the inaugural season of the Riders Robotics League in Turkey in 2020 quickly reverberated worldwide. Teams showcasing their robotics coding prowess from the Riders Robotics Leagues in Turkey, the United States, and Europe converged for the inaugural Riders Robotics League Global Final held in December 2023. The top three teams from all previous Riders leagues earned their spots in the World Cup.

Ten teams from Turkey, nine from the United States, and three from the Europe & EMEA region participated in the Riders Robotics League Global Final.

Riders Robotics League Global Final in Numbers

The Riders Robotics League Global Final saw participation from 22 teams, consisting of 125 students and 21 mentors representing five countries: Turkey, the USA, Albania, Afghanistan, and Hungary. Across 15 cities, 125 students honed their skills in the Riders' online simulation environment. Mentors engaged with the teams through the Riders platform, providing support in areas where needed.

Throughout the World Cup, 1,586 hours were dedicated to coding, resulting in over 131,000 attempts made during the Riders Robotics League Global Final. The final itself garnered the attention of more than 100 viewers, who tuned in live to witness the pinnacle of the Riders Robotics League World Cup.

World Cup Competition Journey

Commencing on December 7 and concluding on December 14, the World Cup competitions brought teams from across the globe into an online simulation environment. These teams diligently applied their robotics coding skills to surmount obstacles and create innovative algorithms. Following the competitions, the top 10 teams engaged in Jury Sessions on December 15, presenting the robots designed and the algorithms developed.

The culmination occurred on December 18 during the final live broadcast, where the performances of the teams from the Jury Sessions were observed, and the World Cup winner was officially announced.

Riders Robotics League World Cup Awards

Çemberlitaş Anatolian High School Team Çal-Tek emerged victorious in the World Cup, securing the title of the best among all Riders Leagues. This team, which had previously clinched the third spot in Riders Robotics League Season 1, claimed the top position. The World Cup Runner-Up followed closely behind Hialeah Gardens High School Team Gladiators Team Alpha and the World Cup Third Place, Suleyman Demirel Anatolian High School Team SDAL Robotics.

During the Riders Robotics League World Cup final, the judging panel assessed the teams based on their diverse skills and supported their development across various domains. Special recognition and awards were presented to teams that brought innovative perspectives to the final strategy.

  • World Cup Final Robot Design Award: Çakatech (Izmir Cakabey Schools)
  • World Cup Resilience Award: Al-Khwarizmi (Mazar e Sharif Boys High School)
  • World Cup Final Programming Award: Cartesian Robotics (METU College)
  • World Cup Final Creative Strategy Award: Gladiators Team Alpha (Hialeah Gardens High School)
  • World Cup Final Riders Best Mentor Award: Derrick Cash (iTech Academy)
  • World Cup Final Riders Special Award: Giyeç Robotics (Safranbolu Ahi Evran Anatolian High School)

Teams Designed Their Own Robots in the World Cup!

A first took place in the first World Cup of the Riders Robotics League. Teams designed their robots within a simulation environment, gearing up for the World Cup competitions. They tailored various aspects, including chassis, joints, and limbs, fashioning the movement mechanisms by incorporating as many motors and wheels as desired. Teams equipped their robots with GPS, distance, and color sensors, engaging in simulations by programming them to navigate diverse tasks in various environments.

Objectives of the Riders Robotics League and Accomplishments in the World Cup

The Riders Robotics League was launched in 2020 to enhance accessibility to computer science education and crucial IT subjects, which are imperative for developing future talents. Through the Riders Robotics League, students can demonstrate their skills in national and international arenas, interpreting the data acquired from educational projects. This initiative has provided the education sector with an effective project-based learning tool for computer science.

The Riders Robotics League, fostering enthusiasm for an education program encompassing advanced studies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, enables students within this ecosystem to compete nationally and globally alongside their mentors.

The Riders Robotics League World Cup effectively transcended economic and geographical barriers, uniting students with their counterparts from various corners of the world. The league's global scope infused the excitement of e-sports to unprecedented heights. Teams engaged in the design of their robots, crafted thousands of lines of code, and honed their problem-solving abilities while facing off against rivals in the global arena. Participation in the Riders World Cup imparted knowledge in robotics and coding and instilled essential life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and idea generation.

What Did Mentors and Teams Say About the World Cup?

"The Riders team and the Riders Robotics League have provided an invaluable opportunity for our students. The experiences they've acquired here stand as their most significant achievements, and these experiences will play a substantial role in shaping the future lives of our children, serving as a crucial support in realizing their goals and dreams. At this juncture, I want to thank the Riders team and everyone involved in organizing and contributing to this fantastic event."

Champion Team Çal-Tek's Mentor Süleyman Alpkan Akkuş

"Riders was an exhilarating, educational, and prideful experience for us. This coding-focused platform allowed our technology-engaged students to share their knowledge. The training received before the Turkish Championship taught them a new language, and, most importantly, they saw themselves on the international stage, fostering self-confidence and expanding their horizons. Starting with the Riders Turkey Championship and culminating in the Riders World Cup Third place this year, our students at the high school level have etched success into their identities, elevating their aspirations. The impact of bringing such success to our school is undeniable; they have become role models for students showing interest but hesitating to participate in the competition. We must express our gratitude to the Riders team, who consistently supported us, maintained communication, and addressed our inquiries. The dedication and professionalism of the Riders team signify that they are a robust company grounded in reality. We sincerely thank Riders and their team for affording us this 


SDAL Robotics Team Mentor Ayşe Nur Kavsak

We extend our appreciation to all the schools, teachers, and students who joined us at the Riders Robotics League Global Finals. Congratulations to all the teams that presented us with exhilarating challenges and introduced unprecedented maneuvers on the competition course with their original ideas!

To participate in the upcoming Riders Robotics League or obtain detailed information about the Riders School Package, please contact us at [email protected].

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