How to Become a Robotics Engineer

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11 Jan 2022
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Robotics is the field of science that designs and produces smart machines that will imitate body and mind work done by humans. This imitation process is done by codes. Experts working in this field are called robotics engineers. Demand for this profession has been increasing in recent years, as it is clear that robots will occupy an important place in the future world. In addition, states encourage young people to work in this field in order to have a say in the world of the future. Today, the way to have the title of engineer is to have completed a university in that field. For robotics engineering, at least a bachelor's degree is required. Graduates of departments such as mechanical engineering, electronic engineering or computer engineering can perform robotic engineering. However, some universities also have a direct robotics engineering department. Individuals who complete one of these departments and achieve a diploma can become robotics engineers.

After the undergraduate level, it is possible to become a specialist engineer with the master's and doctoral studies in this field. It is also possible to get Professional Engineer (PE) certification by enrolling in a degree program approved by ABET. There is almost no end to the training that can be taken for individuals who want to develop themselves in this field and to do robotics engineering. This field, which is constantly developing and making learning compulsory as it develops, is quite suitable for the lifelong learning model.

Importance of Physics and Mathematics in Robotics

There are some features that those who want to be a robotics engineer should have. Although this field requires interest and desire up to a point, it also requires some basics to learn fully. One of these is a good level of physics and mathematics. Robotic coding means coding of all data and commands with formulas consisting of numbers 0 and 1. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that coding is based on the science of mathematics. However, it is important to know the main physical laws that enable nature and the functioning of machines. Knowing physics and mathematics is also required in all other fields of engineering. However, robotics engineering becomes even more important as it relies directly on these two sciences. It is also important for those who want to do robotics engineering to be prone to teamwork and to be creative thinking. Being able to imagine or think creatively is one of the most important aspects of robotics.

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Two Workspaces of the Robotics Engineer

Robot engineers have two main areas of work. The first of these is robot design. What is meant by the word design is to define the coding of robots and the commands for the work they need to do. Those who prefer to work in this field are dealing with the software aspect of robotics. The second area of ​​work is robot assembly. One of the working areas of robotics engineers is to assemble the technical parts of the robot, which is designed and in software form, to check whether it works as desired, and finally to send it on the production line. In many places it is impossible to work in both areas. In addition, high technical knowledge and time are required. For this reason, people who want to become robotics engineers should work hard and become experts in their field.

Duties of Robotics Engineers

In addition to their main work areas, the tasks that robotic engineers have to do are quite diverse. For those who wonder how to become a robotics engineer, it will be an advantage to have information about these jobs. These jobs can be listed as follows:

  • Robotics field has a very dynamic structure. Therefore, robotics engineers must constantly update their knowledge. The most important task for the robotics engineer is to update himself and stay behind the emerging new trends.
  • Another task of robotics engineers is to participate in R&D activities or directly carry out these activities. After a robot to be used in a field is produced, R&D activities are important in terms of making higher models and making it more functional.
  • Robotics engineers develop robots in order to find a solution to an existing problem. What is meant by the concept of the problem here is to determine the purpose for which the robot will be used. A robotics engineer is responsible for designing the required robot to perform the tasks expected of him. At this point, teamwork also has an important place.
  • Robotics engineers are not only responsible for designing robots. Developing software to determine the extent of the designed robot is one of the tasks performed by robotics engineers. It is not possible for the developed robots to be used without passing all control stages.

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