How To Get Into Robotics

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11 Jan 2022
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The developments and advances in information and communication technologies have presented themselves in the field of robotics and enabled robots with more advanced and complex features to emerge. Since robots are getting more important in human life everyday-and there is little doubt that it will become even more important in the future-there demand for skills and products in the field of robotics is on the rise. Unsurprisingly, Generation Z, which was born into these technologies, has interest in robotics. However, robotics is like an ocean; it is not possible to say that even experts in the field know everything completely. Learning and being a part of robotics takes enthusiasm and dedication.

Get into Robotics: From Easy to Difficult

If we proceed with the ocean analogy of robotics that we introduced above, it is, first of all, necessary to overcome the fear of water. Then comes the learning to swim phase. You start swimming close to the shore and slowly go further. In other words, it is necessary to start from easy and proceed towards difficult in robotics. The very first step is learning and understanding how to code robots. There are many beginner level books, study sets, and courses available for those who would like to code and get into robotics. The most common mistake made while getting into robotics is to start from a random point. It is like constructing buildings without any firm foundation.

One of the easiest ways to get into robotics is studying related fields in university. However, it is not the only way; there are many online robotics courses for those who can not study anything related to robotics for different reasons. However, the emergence of different options like Riders have made it possible and easier to learn robotics anytime and anywhere.

Most Common Languages ​​Used in Robotic Coding

The fundamental elements that any robot is built upon is their code, which also determines their functionality. Coding can be done with various languages ​​developed for this purpose. An individual who wants to get into robotics should learn and be on top of least one of these languages.

The most common of these languages ​​are:

  • Java: Java, which was first developed in 1991 for smart televisions, is the most commonly used programming language today.

  • C: C, which was developed in 1978 and is therefore one of the oldest languages, allows the writing of extremely understandable codes because it is a structured coding language. The C programming language is more useful for intermediate-level coding.

  • Python: Developed in 1989, Python is an ideal language for beginners, as it is easy to read and learn. In order to get into robotics, one can easily start by learning Python, as it is very common and simple to use in robotics.

  • PhP: Although complex and challenging, PhP is the language that is used by Wordpress, Facebook, and Yahoo, representing one third of the Internet web surrounding us. However, this language is not suitable for beginners.

Importance of Getting into Robotics

Artificial intelligence, which emerged with the question of "Can machines think?" for the first time during the Second World War, has developed continuously since. In the world of the robotic age, robots have started to take over in our daily and business lives. However, there is no doubt that the phenomenon of robotics has not come even close to the peak and that there will ever be one. There will certainly be much more advanced versions of the robots that we see and use today. The word "job" will be redefined with the takeover of robots. The view that robots will completely replace humans in many aspects of life is widely accepted today. Therefore, getting into robotics to create a difference and even survive is quite important.

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