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11 Jan 2022
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The development of technology has brought many innovations and developments. It was coding languages ​​that helped technology improve so much.This is why coding languages have become quite popular. People are now very eager to learn coding languages. Do some research and you will see that there are various coding languages. The most used coding languages are Python, Java, and C++. In this article, we will tell you about the three languages (Python,Java, and C++) that are important for robotic coding, give information about their usage areas, and explain the similarities and differences between them.

Top 3 languages (Python, Java, C++)

Thanks to the rapidly growing field of machine learning, Python has started to make a name for itself. You will see that many people around you are interested in learning Python. One of the reasons for this is that IEEESpectrum chose Python as the best programming language of 2021. Also, the data shared on the site focused on the programming languages most used by developers in the worldwide research. In these data, Python has proven its popularity by taking its place in the top three with 48.24%. Python's biggest advantage is its ease of use. Programming time-consuming things like defining and publishing variable types in Python become unnecessary. Another advantage is that there are many resources and libraries for Python. We know Python is useful with robotics. Because one of the main programming languages in the RobotOperating System is Python.

Another popular coding language is Java. Java is considered an object-oriented, class-based, general-purpose programming language. According to the research of, Java is in the top five with 35.35% of the programming languages most used by developers worldwide. It is designed to allow application developers to write once and run that code everywhere. This idea is called WORA for short. There is a logic of “write once, run anywhere”.In other words, we have the chance to use the Java code on platforms that support Java without compiling. Thus, it is possible to use the same code on different machines. It is one of the basic languages of modern artificial intelligence such as AlphaGo.

 When talking about the most frequently used languages in robotic coding, it is impossible not to mention the C++ coding language. It is also called core language because it is one of the basic coding languages.Therefore, learning the C++ coding language provides convenience while learning other coding languages. It can work on many platforms and it is a modular and interactive language. We can also use the C++ language to develop applications that can be adapted to multiple platforms.Researching the programming languages most used by developers in 2021, shared that C++ is one of the top 10languages. C++, which is in the 10th place, is used by many developers. 

Where are these languages used?

As the coding language grew in popularity, many people started learning to code. So where and how are coding languages ​​used?

Python is known for applying to many areas of software and robotics development. It is one of the fastest-growing coding languages and can improve any application. Mention some of its applications are web applications,3D CAD applications, business applications, software development, desktop GUI applications, audio or video-based applications, image processing applications, scientific & numeric applications, and console-based applications. In short, the use of Python in similar areas is quite common. Python, which is a very advantageous language to learn, has also made a place for itself in robotic coding.

 Other coding language, which has a variety of uses, is C++.Generally, the C++ language is used to develop desktop applications and system software. However, its use is not limited to these. If we want to give some examples of uses, to design OS, design database, in a desktop application, design compilers, to develop a game, design web browsers, computation platforms, medical applications, embedded systems, etc. Besides these, Google also uses C++ for indexing and all major applications of adobe systems are developed in the C++ programming language. Like Photoshop, ImageReady,Illustrator, and Adobe Premier. Even with just these few examples, we can understand how important C++ is for coding. We recommend that those who want to learn to code should learn the C++ coding language.

 We would like to mention that Java, which is frequently mentioned among the coding languages, has many uses. So, what are the areas where Java is used? Firstly, the security feature of Java makes it popular and widely used. Java is very popular in web servers and applications. Apart from that, big data technologies, application servers, applications for enterprises, scientific applications, applications for mobiles, network applications, games, android apps, and many more.

Differences and similarities between these 3 languages

To talk about these three coding languages in general, C++ is a fast and compiled coding language that has gained a lot of popularity and C++ is among the first languages a programmer learns. Besides, the reason why Java is preferred is platform independence.Today, many applications have been developed using Java. Python is known as an interpreted coding language. It is a modern language.

Java, Python, and C++ are the most preferred languages, and they have many similarities and differences. If you want to choose one of the coding languages and are undecided, you can find which language is more suitable for you according to the similarities and differences. One of the important points for many people is library support for programmers. C++ language has a limited number of library support, Java has library support for many concepts, andPython has a huge set of libraries. Also, Java and C++ are known as compiled programming languages but Python interpreted programming language. C++ andPython support operator overloading but Java does not support operator overloading. Likewise, C++ and Python provide both single and multiple inheritances but Java provides partial multiple inheritances using inheritance interfaces. One of the differences that people pay the most attention to is the issue of platform dependency. Java and Python are platform-independent, but C++is platform-dependent. Therefore, Java and Python are more preferred.

In this article, we aimed to inform you about popular coding languages. Java, Python, and C++ are languages that have similarities as well as differences. The purpose and form of use of each may differ, but the important thing here is to concentrate on the coding language that you think will be most useful for you. These three languages, which are gold for robotic coding, seem to continue to increase in popularity.

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