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11 Jan 2022
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Robotics courses are very popular, as the world comes to appreciate science and math more and more everyday. Robotics covers many disciplines of science, math, technology, and their applications including coding, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, linear algebra, design, and engineering. So do robotics courses. Robotics courses can be taught in many ways. Conventionally, it is taught physically in educational institutions. However, as the digital world prevails and the pandemic has hit the world hard, the number of robotics courses taught online has increased incredibly. Online robotics courses are designed to teach learners math, science, and coding remotely to eventually build a running robot. 

Online robotics courses are a great opportunity for both beginners and those who would like to further improve their skills. Robotics courses are also great intermediaries to begin and learn coding and programming. In particular, online robotics courses are the best tools for learning and apply coding on one’s own.


There are different types of online robotics courses. One of the types is formal diploma programs designed by education institutions like universities and colleges; whereas the other prominent type is certification programs prepared by various institutions, businesses, and instructors and taught on different platforms.

Examples of Diploma Programs 

Master’s in Computer Science, Georgia Tech

Designed and prepared by Georgia Institute of Technology, this program allows students to create their own schedule and earn a diploma at home. The elective robotics courses offered in the field of computer science and robotics provide students with the opportunity to learn everything about robotics.



Master’s in Robotics Engineering, WPI

This unique program designed by Worcester Polytechnic Institute is offered both on campus and online. The fundamental robotics courses are complemented by other engineering courses. The robotics engineering program makes it mandatory for students to create a software to operate the robots they code and build, enabling them to put theory into practice. 


Examples of Certification Platforms

Linkedin Learning

Lynda is a part of LinkedIn Learning, where many online courses related to robotics and coding are taught. Lynda has over 600 software development courses in addition to the dozens of applied robotics, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi courses. Lynda’s online robotics courses are ideal for both beginners and those who would like to become experts, covering a variety of professional topics related to robotics and coding.


Another platform for online robotics courses is Udemy. This website contains a variety of online robotics courses produced by the people in the robotics community. The course quality and caliber may vary by instructor. Udemy offers a convenient environment to learn robotics online and improve related skills. 



Coursera offers a countless number of courses online that are taught by prominent faculty from the top universities around the world. Unsurprisingly, Coursera offers online robotics courses as well. For instance, Modern Robotics Certification is a program that is suitable for those who wish to learn about modern robotics. This course is considered a mid-level class, so students may need to have experience with robotics.



The platform allows students to learn and master robotics with online courses approved by some of the world's most prestigious schools like University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. It offers step-by-step and basic courses in robotics. Most courses on the platform cover the fundamentals of robotics for both mind and body principles. The courses are free, but the certificates are not. For example, University of Pennsylvania's certification program in robotics helps students develop critical-thinking skills to solve real-world problems in addition to technical skills to understand the benefits of robotics and technology. 



FutureLearn is a website with hundreds of short online courses on various topics, where one can find well-designed online robotics courses. The online robotics course taught by The University of Sheffield will help you identify the main challenges of working with autonomous systems and how to cope with them and explore some of the fundamental principles of robotic design.



Another platform to find online robotics courses is MIT’s OpenCourseWare (OCW). The school publishes past robotics courses free on OCW, and they are accessible to everyone.



Riders is an online robotics platform for both robotics education and robotics competitions. Riders provides a full online experience; both of its competitions and courses are online. It offers a hands-on robotics experience in its online robotics courses. Riders has also collaborated with many schools to teach high school students robotics.


Learn robotics from scratch and gain experience programming robots and in a simulation environment. Follow the course content and apply the code on your own. You can access Riders’ online robotics courses here!

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