Robotics Competitions - 2024

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11 Jan 2022
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As the value and impact of robotics competitions on computer science education become more widely recognized, the number of such events is growing globally each year. There are numerous categories in robot competitions, including sumo robots, line-following robots, drones, mazes, and industrial robots. The competition setups, objectives, and environments differ based on the specific theme of each event.

What is a Robotics Competition?

Robotic competitions serve as platforms to assess and scrutinize the capabilities and functionalities of robots. Participants in these events are tasked with designing robots to compete with others. These robots may compete in either real-world or simulated environments. Typically, competitions are segmented into age and education level categories, with participants from middle, high, and university levels competing among their peers. The primary objectives of these competitions are to foster interest in information technologies, robotics, and programming, inspire young individuals to cultivate their skills in these domains and enhance learning motivation and persistence through the thrill of competition.

Every year, numerous robotics competitions are held globally. While some events occur on virtual coding platforms within simulated environments, others are conducted in physical face-to-face gatherings where participants convene. Competitions in simulation environments hold significant importance as they offer accessibility and equal opportunities to students worldwide.

Global Robotics Competitions - 2024

Riders Robotics League

The Riders Robotics League, Turkey's pioneering online robotics competition, took its inaugural step onto the global stage with the December 2023 World Cup. Furthermore, it attracted the participation of 40 teams across three seasons in the United States, underscoring its growing influence and reach. The seasons of the Riders Robotics League commenced with training sessions. They progressed through competition preparation phases, preliminary rounds, and jury sessions, culminating in thrilling final broadcasts that provided participants with the electrifying experience of e-sports. The upcoming Season 5 of the Riders Robotics League in Turkey is scheduled to run from April 15th to May 25th, offering middle and high school students from across the country the opportunity to engage in an online simulation environment. Follow @us.riders for updates on Season 4 of the Riders Robotics League in the US and the forthcoming World Cup competitions!

FIRST Robotics Competition 2024

The FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) is an annual event organized by the FIRST Foundation since 1989, hosting teams comprised of high school students, mentors, and coaches, the competition sees teams from all over the world showcasing their skills by building competitive robots to race against the clock. The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) 2024: CRESCENDO began with the theme video announcement on January 6th, 2024, setting the stage for teams to demonstrate their talents in robotics and engineering. Winning teams in this competition will earn the opportunity to participate in the World Championships held in Houston.

VEX Robotics Competition 2024

The VEX Robotics Competition recognized as one of the premier robotics contests worldwide, is exclusively open to middle and high schools registered with the VEX V5 Construction and Control System. Within this competition, teams are tasked with robot design, construction, and programming. By framing engineering principles within the context of gameplay, VEX Robotics Competitions aim to foster students' skills in robotic coding while equipping them with essential 21st-century competencies such as teamwork, resilience, communication, collaboration, project management, and critical thinking. Scheduled to take place in Dallas in 2024 from April 25th to May 3rd, the VEX Robotics Tournament will see teams vying to score goals and attain the highest score by the end of each match.

F1TENTH Robotics Competition 2024

F1TENTH, established by the University of Pennsylvania in 2016, serves as a community for researchers, engineers, and individuals intrigued by autonomous systems, with a core mission of encouraging critical thinking about such procedures. In the F1TENTH Robotics Competition, participants are tasked with crafting self-driving algorithms tailored for a one-tenth-scale autonomous racing car. The competition emphasizes refining robotic coding algorithms as teams utilize identical cars throughout the event. Contestants engineer sophisticated algorithms leveraging a range of sensors to guide their robotic cars safely around the competition track. This year's F1TENTH Robotics Competition is scheduled for May 13-17 in Yokohama, Japan.

WRO - World Robot Olympiad  - 2024

The World Robot Olympiad, aimed at fostering students' interest in robotics and science from primary school to university level, annually gathers participants from across the globe. Inaugurated in Singapore in 2004, the World Robot Olympiad adopts a unique theme each year, challenging participants to employ custom-designed robots to accomplish designated tasks. This year, the final event of the World Robot Olympiad is scheduled to be held in Izmir in November.

Robot Challenge Robotics Competition - 2024

The Robot Challenge Robotics Competition, originating in Vienna in 2004, eagerly anticipates the involvement of budding engineers and robotics enthusiasts; designed to offer participants hands-on experience in robot design and construction, the competition aims to spark interest in robotic coding and foster contestants' creativity. While the specific categories of the competition vary annually, past categories have encompassed challenges like Line Tracking, Sumo Robots, Maze Solving, and Freestyle. The Robot Challenge Robotics Competition is scheduled for April 27-28, 2024, in Baltimore, USA.

RoboCup Robotics Competition - 2024

RoboCup, a significant robotics competition attracting students and professionals passionate about robotics, debuted in Japan in 1997 and has since been hosted in numerous countries globally. The competition's objectives include:

  • Enhancing humanity's capacity to automate intricate tasks.
  • Advancing research and development in robotics.
  • Fostering innovation in education and science.

Various categories such as Football, Search and Rescue, Home Assistance, and Industrial have provided platforms for showcasing talents in previous RoboCup competitions. The upcoming RoboCup Robotics Competition will be held in Eindhoven, Netherlands, from July 15th to 22 this year.

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