Robotics Competitions in Turkey and the World - 2023

What is a Robotics Competition?

Robotic competitions are events where the abilities and features of robots are tested and evaluated. In robotics competitions, participants are expected to design and build robots to compete with each other. Although many competitions are organized for schools, there are also robotics competitions where professional or amateur participants can take part. Robotics competitions usually have some age and education level restrictions. However, in general, anyone can participate in these competitions. Dozens of robotics competitions are organized every year in Turkey and around the world. Some of these competitions take place on virtual coding platforms, while others take place in face-to-face events where participants come together. Robotics competitions that take place on virtual coding platforms are very important in terms of access to competitions from all over the world.

Robotics Competitions in Turkey - 2023

Riders Robotics League Season 4

Riders Robotics League Season 4 will take place between April 24 - June 17 in an online simulation environment where middle and high school level robotics coding enthusiasts from all over Turkey can participate. Starting on April 24 with a 5-week simulation-based robotics training program, the season will continue with the competition preparation period, preliminary qualifiers and jury sessions, and will end with an exciting finale where participants will experience the adrenaline of e-sports. In addition to the prizes they will win, teams that are successful in the competitions will have the opportunity to face competitors from all over the world in global competitions and will start their careers one step ahead with the "End of Education Certificate" they will obtain.

15th International MEB Robot Competition

The 15th edition of the International MEB Robot Competition, which has been held every year since 2007, took place at Bursa Naim Süleymanoğlu Sports Complex between March 8th-11th. Competitors will compete in a total of 14 categories including Industrial Robot Arm, Line Tracker (Basic Level), Line Tracker (Advanced Level), Fast Line Tracker, Mini Drone, Mini Sumo, Design-and-Run, Egg Collecting (Caretta Caretta), Maze Master, Dust Scooter Robot (Basic Level), Free Project and Themed categories, with the Underwater Vehicle (ROV) and Autonomous Vehicle categories added for the first time this year. In the MEB Robot Competition, preliminary eliminations were held in Riders in the Fast Line-Following and Mini Sumo categories. Contestants competed to get the highest score by developing their algorithms on virtual coding platforms and robots in some categories.


Organized by the Technology Team Foundation of Turkey and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, TEKNOFEST is Turkey's first and only aviation, technology and space technology festival. TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival aims to promote and develop national technologies and to raise public awareness in this field. TEKNOFEST, which was held for the first time at Istanbul Airport on September 20-23, 2018, will be held in Istanbul between March 16-19, 2023 this year. Robotics competitions organized within the scope of TEKNOFEST technology competitions are in the following categories: Industrial Robot Arm, Line Tracker (Advanced Level), Fast Line Tracker, Mini Drone, Mini Sumo Free, Design-and-Run Themed, Egg Collecting (Caretta Caretta), Maze Master, Line Tracker (Basic Level), Dust Scooter (Basic Level), Underwater Vehicle (ROV), Autonomous Vehicle.

FRC Robotics Competition 2023

FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) is an international high school robotics competition organized annually since 1989 by the FIRST Foundation. Each year, FRC hosts teams of high school students, mentors and coaches, and teams from all over the world put their talents to work to build robots that perform against the clock in a competitive environment. In Turkey, the FRC Robotics Competitions are organized by Fikret Yüksel Foundation. In the FRC Robotics Competition 2022-2023 season, four regional tournaments will be organized in Turkey as part of the 2023 Charged Up events. The dates and locations of the tournaments will be March 3-5-Izmir, March 10-12-Mersin, March 24-26-Istanbul and March 27-29-Istanbul. Every student who wants to participate in the FRC Robotics Competition must first participate in the regional competitions. Students can practice on simulation-based robotics training programs before participating in the competitions. Teams that are successful in regional competitions are eligible to participate in the FRC Championship.

ITU Robot Olympics 2023

Istanbul Technical University Robot Olympics (ITURO) is a robotics event organized by Istanbul Technical University Control and Automation Club since 2007. The event, held at ITU Ayazaga Campus Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center, lasts for three days. ITURO, which is organized with the aim of attracting interest in robotics, is attended by academics and industry representatives who are experts in the field of robotics, and seminars, conferences, interviews, panels and exhibitions related to robotics are organized during the event. ITU Robot Olympics will be organized for the 15th time in 2023 on April 27-28-29. The robotics competitions to be organized within the framework of ITURO 23 events will be in the following categories: AlgoLAB, Line Tracer: Republic Road, Logistics, Mini Sumo, Stamp Collector, Color Picker, Scenario: Search and Rescue, Traffic ITU Ayazağa. Students who want to participate in the ITU Robot Olympics can improve their skills on the Riders simulation-based robotics training platform.

Robotics Competitions in the World in 2023

VEX Robotics Competition 2023

The VEX Robotics Competition is a robotics competition between registered middle and high schools using the VEX V5 Construction and Control System. Teams are responsible for designing, building and programming robots to showcase their skills in the VEX Robotics Tournament. VEX Robotics Competitions, which present engineering science in the form of a game, have the mission of developing students in the field of robotic coding as well as providing them with 21st century skills such as teamwork, perseverance, communication, cooperation, project management and critical thinking. The VEX Robotics Tournament will take place in Texas between April 25-27 in 2023. The event will bring together the best VEX IQ Competition, VEX Robotics Competition and VEX U teams from around the world to compete in the competition called Spin Up.

F1TENTH Robotics Competition 2023

Founded in 2016 by the University of Pennsylvania, F1TENTH is a community of researchers, engineers, and others interested in autonomous systems. The founding goal of the community is to invite people to think critically about autonomous systems. In the F1TENTH Robotics Competition, participants develop self-driving algorithms for a one-tenth scale autonomous racing car. Since the teams use the same cars, the competition is focused on improving robotic coding algorithms. Competitors develop complex algorithms that utilize a variety of sensors to safely navigate their robot car around the competition track. This year, the F1TENTH Robotics Competition will take place in Hamburg from September 17-22.

Simulation Based Robotics Training Program at Riders

In 2023, students who want to participate in robotics competitions in Turkey and around the world can learn robotic coding, improve their skills and compete against their rivals in the adrenaline of e-sports in Riders' simulation-based robotics training program. You can join the Riders STEM Acceleration Program to improve your robotic coding skills with simulated game excitement and competitive motivation and showcase your skills first in the Riders Robotics League and then in the world's prestigious robotics competitions.

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