The Role of Robotic Coding in STEM Education

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11 Jan 2022
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Combining the initials of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM education is a multidisciplinary approach incorporating these subjects. The mission of STEM, an educational approach created by combining a diverse range of disciplines, is to develop 21st-century abilities in line with digital transformation. Future technologies will be more robust thanks to robotic coding, one of the most crucial aspects of this transformation.

Objectives of STEM: What Are These?

Introduced in education for the first time in 1950, STEM is still being researched and refined with the mission of capturing global development and digital transformation from that time to the present. STEM education primarily attempts to boost students' interest in science and technology by giving them the chance to meet future requirements, cut costs, protect the environment, and train scientists. Multidisciplinary training encourages students pursuing a career in this branch to acquire new competencies. Students who study various subjects apply their theoretical knowledge to practical problems and develop innovative thinking that fits the twenty-first century's skills.

Robotic Coding and STEM Education

Robotic coding is how students transform mechanical components to carry out diverse tasks using algorithms and programming. Students improve their problem-solving, ability to think critically, communication, and research skills during this transformation process. The robotic coding education provided within the scope of STEM education, combining science, technology, mathematics and engineering, includes acquisitions compatible with 21st-century competencies. Robotic programming emphasizes curiosity, productivity, innovation, and creativity—three critical principles of STEM education. With these fundamental building blocks, individuals learn to recognize challenges as a team, come up with new solutions and ideas, make resource planning, and share the project they have developed altogether. The following are additional benefits that STEM education and robotics programming provide for students:

Teamwork Adaptation and Communication Skills Development

Effective teamwork and communication are fundamental since STEM education is developed by combining many disciplines. Those who successfully capture team harmony continue to work while benefiting in terms of productivity, profitability, and efficiency. Since an engineer, a research assistant, a mathematician, and an IT specialist can all work in a team simultaneously, solutions to potential problems are developed from many perspectives. For instance, an engineer is in charge of designing a robot's electronic circuitry in line with digital transformation, and a mathematician handles various computations to control potential risks. The IT expert develops algorithms based on requirements and ensures the program is compatible with the robot's mechanical systems. The research assistant analyzes the challenges that arise in the team, assists in catching the trends, and helps improve organizational operations. Owing to STEM and robotic coding training, individuals completing these various duties in the same team can effectively use technical and communication skills. They can also keep on working by deciding on a common denominator in line with a single goal.

Making a Difference in the Business World

STEM education, which merges science, technology, engineering, and mathematics under one program, contributes to developing more precise and well-informed businessdecision-making processes. Multidisciplinary collaboration is becoming increasingly important in all fields, including health, education, production, technology, finance, cuisine, and fashion. ​​Children interested in science and technology are provided STEM and robotic coding training for future requirements. After completing these programs, graduates make a difference in the work place and distinguish themselves from other candidates. Individuals with education in this discipline are offered successful career opportunities since the requirement for STEM, and robotic coding skills is growing day after day.

Development of Sustainable Solutions

STEM seeks to develop skilled individuals proficient in diverse disciplines, including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Those with this training get the skills and information needed to grow personally and create socially, environmentally, and culturally sustainable solutions. On issues such as the accurate transmission of human history, the preservation of historical and cultural structures, the conscious use of natural resources, and the eradication of environmental damages, STEM provides a multidisciplinary perspective. Ecological risks and threats are among the issues being addressed within the scope of STEM education, including the increase in world wide drought, climate change, the acceleration of global warming, and the decline in the diversity of living organisms. A digitally literate society that gets multidisciplinary education, such as STEM, develops innovative methods to protect the environment and boosts profitability and productivity. This way, teams of trained, harmoniously behaving individuals collaborate to create innovative, sustainable solutions from many angles. Sustainability benefits society, the environment, culture, technology, digitalization, and the economy, while also being crucial for future generations.

Why Should STEM Education Include The Teaching of Robotic Coding?

Robotic coding improves students' skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and methodical progress. Python, Java, C, C, C#, JavaScript, and C++ are used to develop projects in the field of robotic coding, one of the well-known STEM education initiatives. As a result, students can continue their STEM education in a productive, creative, and innovative approach while gaining the following advantages and skills:


●     Contribute to the technology ecosystem by developing new products

●     Create different perspectives by associating various topics with each other in the educational process

●     Improve one's capacity for design-orientedthinking

●     Have the competencies of the 21st century

●     Gain the ability to make informed decisions

●     Be inspired by cutting-edge concepts and technologies

●     Respond when faced with genuine obstacles with a flexible thinking

●     Develop a sense of curiosity and research skills

Riders and STEM Education

Due to its versatility, STEM provides students and society with various perspectives and skills. In many ways, STEM and robotics education benefits society's advancement and assists in achieving success in terms of productivity, efficiency, profitability, and success. Young people act with a more flexible structure thanks to their education, which helps them swiftly adjust to new technological advancements. STEM education that promotes increasing one's awareness of the environment, economics, technology, culture, and science on a personal and societal scale; raises awareness of many concerns. STEM is an approach that is included in the curricula of educational institutions and is projected to become more needed in the future. In the digital transformation era, robotic coding, a crucial component of STEM education with a multidisciplinary focus, offers students significant personal and technical value. The Riders platform, featuring quality educational material that advances from simple to complex robotic code, also includes a simulation environment where students can experience solving genuine real-lifeproblems in practice. You can also have STEM education in educational institutions and train qualified students in this field using Riders' robotic coding training program, a cloud-based education platform. In addition, you may encourage your graduates to compete in the Riders Robotics League and to boost their performance in the league that combines e-sports and STEM education.

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