What happened in Riders in July?

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11 Jan 2022
5 min read

What happened in Riders last month?

The first Paintball Track Competition in the Robotics League has been completed.

As we announced last month Riders engineers developed a "multi-agent feature". Thanks to this improvement, now contestants can compete with each other on the same track. The June Paintball Track, the first competition that we used of this feature, concluded on 15 July. A total of 119 entries were submitted in the competition where 221 users competed.

Here is the final leaderboard:

*RS: Riders Staff

Riders are now more active on social media!


We did our first twitch live broadcast in July. Our CEO Başar Şahinbeyoğlu coded the Paintball Robot live! Join us on Twitch!


Starting this month, we will start using our Youtube account more effectively. "How-to" videos, monthly recaps, competition videos, and lots of fun content will be on the Riders Youtube channel. Don't forget to subscribe!



We will now start using our Instagram account with various events and informative posts. Follow now!


Last month, one of our most active channels was our Discord channel. Join our discord channel now, where you will interact with the Riders community and get answers to all your questions from our team.

We hosted the Online Industrial Robot Competition, organized within the scope of the 6th Turkey Robotics Conference

60 academicians, more than 70 private sector representatives and hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students attended the conference for 3 days. As Riders, we are proud to host the industrial robot competition.


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