What happened in Riders in June?

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11 Jan 2022
5 min read

What happened in Riders last month?

We have made exciting improvements!

  • New Feature: Multi-Agent

Riders engineers have added a new feature to Riders as a result of a long development process. Now, it’s possible to compete simultaneously on the same track with opponents. Racing in Riders is now more exciting than ever. You can challenge your opponents directly and beat them on the competition track.

As you know, Riders has been organizing a robotics league since the beginning of the year. Now, with the development of the "multi-agent" feature, “Line Follower Category” is evolving into “Mobile Robots Category” with a new competition scenario: Paintball Track! It’s a very simple competition: “Compete against a second robot in a paintball competition. Try to hit your opponent without getting hit yourself.” Develop the best algorithm and defeat your opponents. Let’s discover now!

We hosted training and competitions for some institutions!

The AI Grand Prix was a virtual racing competition where people develop and race their own F1Tenth-sized autonomous vehicle, and compete against other teams. This competition was organized in collaboration with Formula Trinity, F1Tenth, and Riders.ai. A total of 191 entries were submitted in the competition where 23 robotics teams competed.

Formula Trinity is Trinity College’s Dublin entry to the international formula student competition. In the AI Grand Prix competition, given a baseline agent, teams worked on it and designed their own autonomous racing algorithms to win the race. Each team had their racing solution go through a single-vehicle phase to determine their seeding in the Grand Prix bracket. Teams worked on their code and submitted it on Riders platform in order to get their scores and take their places in the Grand Prix bracket, then raced against their opponents in each round.


  • Introduction to Robotics Programming with Python & End of the Training Competition with Zemin Istanbul | The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

At the end of the 3-day Introduction to Robotics Programming Training, which was given by Başar Şahinbeyoğlu using Riders, the participants competed in the final competition to test their robotics knowledge they learned in the training and see their progress. The participants who had their first experience in robotics with this training finished the competition with very impressive results. In the award ceremony, they shared their outcomes from this training and talked about how they built their algorithms while watching their robot’s performance on the live stream.

We have made international partnership agreements. Stay tuned, there will be more!

F1TENTH is an international community of researchers, engineers, and autonomous systems enthusiasts. In the coming months, we will host the autonomous vehicles competition in partnership with F1Tenth and Riders.

BAUN Robotics empowers new generation of Nigerian Youth through practical applications and problem-solving programs that strengthen Coding & Programming, Robotics, and Automation, Emerging technologies including IoT, AI 3D Modelling and Printing, and Creative skills. Training is being developed in cooperation with BAUN Robotics and Riders. A competition will also be held at the end of the training, which will cover 500 students.


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