What is Kuka Arm?

Full name
11 Jan 2022
5 min read

Kuka (Keller und Knappich Augsburg)Arm is a large 6-axis jointed-arm robot whose high power and large body enable pick-and-place with heavy objects. Kuka Arm boasts of having incredibly high accuracy and its short cycle times allow for sharp and precise movement while moving at a speed of 8.2m/s. Produced by an Augsburg, Germany-based robotics company whose history goes back to 1898 and currently owned by the Chinese Midea Group, Kuka Arm is the ideal robot to simulate any pick-and-place task.

Key Features

The features of a Kuka Arm depend on its model since it is a robotics technology that is offered in various forms and shapes, each designed specifically for certain uses. Kuka Arm’s KR 3 Agilus model, for instance, is particularly suitable for the manufacturing of small components and products in a minimum of space. It has a payload of 3 kg and a maximum reach of 541 mm. With an IP40 protection rating, it is safe to operatein ambient temperatures of up to 45°C with 167 cycles per minute. Kuka Arm’s Agilus model can be controlled with a KR C5 micro or KR C4 compact. The big brother of this model is Kuka Arm’s KR 1000 Titan, which handles the heaviest work pieces and components precisely and safely. Its payload is maxed at 1000 kg and its maximum reach at 3601 mm. This Titan model has a protection rating of IP60 and is safe to operate at up to 55°C. A KR C4 is used as a controller for Kuka Arm’s Titan model. This model also comes in different varieties of its own with slightly different features: Titan F, L750 Titan, L750 Titan F, L950 TitanPA.

Software of the Robot

Kuka system software is the operating software of Kuka Arm. This software comes with a KUKA Control Panel that has a display and axis control buttons for A1- A6, as well as a 6D mouse that is used to manually control the Kuka Arm. This control panel accommodates a rugged computer that communicates with the robot system via MFC, which controls real-time servo drive electronics. And servo position feedback to this controller through the DSE-RDW/RDC connection. While operating, the software has two elements running simultaneously: the user interface and program storage, which are run on the different versions of Windows depending on the Kuka Arm’s model. Last but not least, it also contains PC peripherals such as a CD-ROM and USB ports.

Uses of the Robot

Kuka Arm is used for the construction of aircraft structural elements in the aerospace industry, with brands like Boeing and Airbus among its customers. It is also used for the production automation of joining and assembling of vehicle body structures of car manufacturers like BMW, Ford, GM, and Volkswagen. Another use of Kuka Arm is in welding technology, where it is used for the production of white goods for brands like Bosch and Siemens. Finally, Kuka Arm’s uses also include, but are not limited to, the production of rail vehicles and photovoltaic modules.

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