What is Robotics?

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11 Jan 2022
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It was once only a dream that robots can do what humans do or think like humans. However, the scientific world, following the path opened by Alan Turing, who is accepted as the father of computer science, has succeeded in making this dream come true. Today, this field, which is called robotics and continues to develop with the joint studies of different disciplines, refers to the development of robots that are coded to perform different functions. The biggest aim of robot technologies is to be able to copy human actions and to minimize the need for human workforce. In addition, it is aimed to prevent endangering human life with the use of robots in areas containing risk. The main thing that enables robots to exist and to perform the tasks required of them is code. Therefore, the interest in the business line called robotic coding is increasing day by day.

With the developments in artificial intelligence technologies in recent years, super robots that use the deep learning method and thus can train themselves without the need for additional codes have started to emerge. Despite all these developments, it is not possible to say that the development of robots is complete. It is not difficult to predict that robotics will be one of the most prestigious professions of the future and robots will have an important place in human life.

Historical Development of Robotics

Robots with their primitive forms first started to be seen by the 17th century. Toys operated by a simple wind-up mechanism, used for entertainment in the castles and palaces of the nobles in Europe, form the basis of robots. However, the emergence of "code-able" robots in their present sense is based on the two great geniuses Alan Turing and Claude Shannon. Alan Turing is seen as the father of computer science with the calculator he developed to decrypt the German Enigma encrypted message sending systems during the Second World War. In this direction, George Boole, who discovered that coding can be done using only the numbers 0 and 1, has an important place. Today, these technologies have largely matured, but have not yet fully developed. Many companies, especially companies such as IBM, Google, Tesla and Apple, are working on this issue.

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Robotics Education

It is an obvious fact that robots will have an important place in the world of the future. Therefore, robotics education is becoming more and more important. On the one hand, while official authorities strive to raise more young people in this field; On the other hand, many young people are trying to improve their knowledge and skills in robotic coding. However, robotic coding education is a very challenging task. First of all, individuals who want to learn should be interested in this issue and be able to continue working without getting bored. Although the main training on robotic coding is given in universities, it is important for families to make children love this field at an early age. It is possible to get them interested in this field with small coding sets or simple robot assemblies. When university education is added to the knowledge and interest from childhood, extremely efficient results can be obtained. Today, universities are the most important organizations for those who want to study in the field of robotics. Both the theoretical training given by expert academicians and the abundant application possibilities make universities attractive. There are also some private organizations that offer coding lessons for a fee.

Online Robotic Coding

The widespread use of the Internet and computers has led to a series of transformations in education, as in every field. Online education opportunities are also among the prominent innovations of this period. It has become possible to learn new things by taking advantage of many paid or free training sets on digital platforms. This is a great advantage for those who want to study robotics. Although it is not possible to get a professional education as much as it is in universities, it would be correct to use online training sets to learn coding and make simple experiments at beginner levels. It's important to get an interactive online kit as beginners are prone to making mistakes. Being able to contact the tutor and doing some steps under his supervision provides better learning than online lessons that are only available as video recording.

Thus, online robotics courses can be as effective as one-on-one trainings. It is important to reduce the chance of error and be able to distinguish important points. In particular, advanced level robotic coding lessons can be continued by providing the right learning style at a young age. Both children and people who want to learn can easily start online robotics courses. It is possible to learn everything about robotic coding step by step, thanks to these trainings.

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