8 Future Job Fields for Those Who Learn Coding

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11 Jan 2022
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In recent years, digital transformation is at the full-speed in every aspect of life with increasing technological development. The results of 3D printers are incredible. Now, it is even possible to print body parts before the surgery. States use technology to increase their military power. People now have new job opportunities with the effects of digital transformation. In short, technology creates an inescapable auxiliary power in our lives that accompany us all the time. 

From the 1800s until today, we all thought that robots were just utopic conceptions in the books. But due to changing conditions in today’s world, robots will be devices to help humans instead of terrible machines that will replace humans. In the next 5 years, it is predicted that more than half of the businesses will have robots. The previous fears become unreasonable because there is the need for well-trained personnel to provide the robotics coding to manage the robots.

People who are interested in coding, experience question marks about which occupation they will do in the future. However, specific occupations started to emerge with digitalization. Fields such as “Mathematics” and “Engineering” created new systems by focusing on digitalization. These fields tend to focus on more specific topics rather than general ones. The coding and robotic technologies of today  which can be considered as a sub-branch of programming are opening doors for new areas.  Learning to code not only opens the door for technology-related occupations but also opens occupations in the service, industry, health and finance sectors. Those who know coding around the world positively diverge from their competitors.

Public institutions tend to adopt technology later than others. Generally, these institutions have bulky systems and now they need coding and robotics for their systems. They feel free to use this for the well-being of citizens and to create new employment opportunities. Education focusing on coding is added to the curriculum of private schools in Turkey and the results can be seen in 5-10 years. In the future, students will be able to create new inventions with robotic thinking. 

When we look at the occupations of the future, we can see some important ones.

Application and Game Development

Today, mobile app development is one of the most popular occupations of our time. While smartphone usage around the world reached 97%, it is inevitable for billions of people to sell products and receive service via these devices. Therefore, various systems turn into mobile including games, banking and healthcare systems. Similar applications are commonly used which individuals can easily have.

Robotic Coordination

Robots are frequently included in automation since robots work faster than humans in most sectors. Since the systems are developed for automatization, well-trained personnel who can analyse the operation logic and system analysis are needed to solve complex problems. This personnel will have an impact to develop these skills of the robots.

Learning Organizations Manager

The next stage after including robots to work life will be making robotic thinking for efficiency by digital systems and business development processes via increased efficiency. In this process, robots learn new behaviours with artificial intelligence and are forced to develop themselves. It is for sure that humans will have a separate position in the future to transfer complex structures and algorithms.

Digital Monitoring Experts

Safe storage of data became an important work field as various risks emerged and system security became vital after digitalization. In the future, monitoring experts to store this data and detect the vulnerabilities will be needed. 

Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Learning organizations, machine learning and data processing are among the fields open for improvement by artificial intelligence. The developments in artificial intelligence introduce ground-breaking opportunities for medicine and security areas. Therefore, companies providing support for these sectors need engineers to manage artificial intelligence. 

3D Printer Architects

3D printers became indispensable since these devices can provide parts, especially in the medical field. Printing tissues that can be used in real cases show that 3D printer use will increase in the future. It is believed that manufacturers will gain experience with printers to take this area to the next level.

IoT Expert 

IoT which is known as the Internet of Things defines systems with all components linked to the internet. Smart homes can be defined as connecting all furniture, living beings and other auxiliary elements in a house on a single system. In the near future, all electronic devices will be able to manage on the internet. White appliances manufacturers work on R&D studies and need IoT experts. 

Smart City Experts

One of the results of IoT models is smart cities. Now, technology use across the cities has become widespread in addition to homes. Systems that can sense humans with sensors facilitate city life for years. Smart cities are evolving to immediately solve the possible failures or problems by reacting with their systems. Therefore, people to manage these processes are needed.

Individuals who learn algorithmic thinking at a young age can reflect this to real-life scenarios in the future. When the classes at schools are insufficient, families can guide their children to various institutions to help them learn coding. There are successful programs in our country for students and those who are interested in this field to completely understand coding and benefit from the future opportunities. 

You can join Riders Robotics League to be a part of the first digital Robotics League in Turkey and program the future. Students who are successful in the Riders Robotics League are accepted to the internship program and have the opportunity to have their first experience in the industry. 

Robotics League undertakes a mission to teach and provide experience with exciting competitions. Additionally, you can be a part of this exciting journey as a mentor.

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