Online Robotics Competitions

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11 Jan 2022
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Robotics Competitions


Robotics competitions are organized to help people learn and discover their abilities in robotics coding and to encourage them to pursue their goals in this field. It is no surprise that these competitions attract people’s attention. There are lots of people who are interested in robotics and would like to try themselves and certify their skills and abilities in the field.

Robotics competitions are organizations where participants code and run robots according to predefined specifications and objectives. In robotics competitions, participants are expected to present and test their robotic codes to be evaluated. Based on their ranking, participants receive awards and prizes that are announced prior to the competition.

Most robotics competitions so far have been held physically, requiring a physical location and the physical presence of their participants. However, there is another type of competition that is held online and enables the participants to compete remotely without having to be physically present. This kind of competition has been gaining popularity lately. The recent pandemic has exponentially increased the popularity of online robotics competitions.

Although traditional and physical robotic competitions are still an indispensable part of robotics, they are devoid of the conveniences and opportunities that online robotics competitions present.

Physical Robotics Competitions


Physical robotics competitions, as can be deduced from its name, first and foremost require physical presence at a physical location, where the competition is to be held. Consequently, this means such competitions are held in a specific time zone. Participants need to go to that predetermined location for a specific amount of time to be able to code and compete. Furthermore, physical robotics competitions need physical equipment and tools.

Some examples of these robotics competitions are the FIRST Robotics Competition and the VEX Robotics Competition. These two are very big and popular robotics competitions held physically. Participants need to compete at a physical location at a specific time. Despite their popularity and reputation, however, these competitions were adversely affected by the pandemic of Covid-19.

Online Robotics Competitions


Unlike its physical counterpart, online robotics competitions do not require any physical presence. Participants can register and compete in these competitions ideally from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. Moreover, participants can decide at what time to code and compete. There is no need for physical locations, equipment, or tools; everything takes place in a virtual environment. In order for smooth online robotics competitions to be held, an online virtual platform with a seamless and flawless design, which participants can easily access, must be devised because participants will code and test their robots, make changes, and collaborate continuously from anywhere at anytime. Any rules and regulations, like it would be in physical robotics competitions, must be determined in advance in online robotics competitions too. Considering the requirements and limitations of physical robotics competitions, online robotics competitions have greater potential in terms of participation, popularity, and capacity.

Advantages of Online Robotics Competitions


Even though they may sound unorthodox and unfamiliar at first, online robotic competitions have many advantages and benefits. These advantages are for both the organizers and participants of online robotic competitions. 

Organizing physical robotics competitions is expensive and exhausting. They require physical locations, equipment, and tools in addition to other expenses like repair and maintenance. Additionally, if these competitions need to increase capacity, their cost increases even more. It is needless to say that organizing physical robotics competitions takes lots of time and effort in addition to money.

Unfortunately, these are not the only costs. There are also additional costs that have to be burdened by participants. As they need to be present at a specific location at a specific time to compete, most participants travel for hours, which is time-consuming, costly, and exhausting. Moreover, these costs are not limited to traveling. There is also a cost incurred to accommodate.

Physical robotics competitions due to the limitations and trying requirements can never reach its potential even though there is interest and demand. Such difficulties might discourage many talented participants. 

On the other hand, online robotics competitions are very cost-efficient since there is no physical equipment or tools, nor the need for maintaining and repairing them. Organizing online robotics competitions takes only developers, computers, and an internet connection. It is much quicker and easier. The capacity and scale can be adjusted.

Online robotics competitions are open to everyone. Anyone who is eager, interested, and willing can register and join without having to travel and spending extra money. Contrary to discouraging participants, online robotics competitions encourage everyone by eliminating the limitations that physical robotics competitions have, decreasing the odds of losing talented people. Participants can easily and quickly access the platforms that these competitions are held and start coding and running their robots from anywhere at anytime. This aspect of online robotics competitions, in fact, can increase the creativity of participants, as they code where they feel comfortable.

Online robotics competitions grow popular and gain interest. They have great potential and are very likely to be widespread. This was going to happen; however, the recent pandemic has accelerated the process.



In order to organize online robotics competitions, Riders has developed a virtual simulation environment, where anyone who is interested  can easily sign up and take part in competitions from anywhere in the world at anytime. What matters in these competitions is that participants code and run their robots smoothly to achieve the predefined competition objectives.

Riders is aware of the need for online robotics competitions and creates sustainable solutions for the difficulties that physical robotics competitions have. Riders helps students discover their interests, improve their skills, and apply science in real life. Riders organizes online robotics competitions, and Maker Faire Competition is one of them. Riders collaborate with the biggest Maker Faire of Europe for this competition, where there were two competition categories. One was “Line Follower” and the other was “Drone Race”. 

In addition, Riders will be organizing an online robotics competition every month. There will be a robotics league; there will be a winner for each of these monthly online robotics competitions as well as a cumulative winner after each competition. Every competition will be different in terms of difficulty and concept. Participants will learn, code, compete, and have fun with Riders. Register for free  here and try it now!

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